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About NE Iowa Bat Control


Perry Behrend has been doing this type of work for over 20 years. He has worked with numerous other people to help perfect his bat control craft! Along with that, NE Iowa Bat Control is also insured.

Service Area
NE Iowa Bat Control's service area roughly consists of Northeast Iowa, Southeast Minnesota, Southwest Wisconsin, and Northwest Illinois. 

This is an example of a possible entry-point for bats

Bats can use ridge vents as entry ways too


At NE Iowa Bat Control we exclude bats from your home or commercial building in the safest way possible by installing one-way doors on their primary entry and exit points to let the bats out safely with no way back into your building. Don't worry, though! We won't cut any holes in your building. After that, we seal every crack, seam, and void to ensure the bats won't return.

It is rare to see a bat during a job, but not impossible

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